Aluna Coconut Rum


  • WHAT: Aluna Coconut Rum
  • WHO: Cloudbreak Spirits
  • WHERE: Harvey Nichols
  • HOW MUCH: £28.50 for a 70cl bottle

Cloudbreak Spirits has launched Aluna Coconut Rum, a 35% ABV blend of premium rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with all-natural toasted coconut flavours.

Aluna Coconut is made with virgin sugar cane honey (miel de caña) removing the need for the large quantities of sugar.  A unique strain of yeast extracted from pineapple is used to ferment the sugar cane honey, slowly releasing floral, fruit aromas into the rum which is then lightly aged in oak.

Selected Caribbean rums add structure to the blend as does lightly toasted natural coconut. The rum is then cut with organic coconut water for a balanced, smooth and clean finish.

Cloudbreak Spirits Director, Heather Graham, said: “Our brand world is built around a central theme of empowerment. We’re confident this brand positioning, alongside the delicious flavour affinity of rum and coconut, coupled with a lower sugar content and clean, natural taste will appeal” to drinkers seeking high quality ingredients, authentic flavours and a lower sugar content.

The signature serves include an Aluna Colada, Aluna & Apple and Aluna Espresso Martini as well as being served on its own over coconut water ice cubes.

Aluna Coconut will be available in reputatble drinks shops, including Harvey Nichols both in store and online.

Drinks Maven