Virtuous Vodka

Virtuous Vodka range


  • WHAT: Virtuous Vodka
  • WHO: Highball Brands
  • WHERE: The Whisky Exchange
  • HOW MUCH: £27.95 for a 70cl bottle


Highball Brands has launched Virtuous Vodka – a high quality Swedish vodka made from 100% organic natural ingredients.

Virtuous Vodka uses the moniker ‘fake free vodka flavoured by nature’ and has been created using a base spirit of Swedish rye that has been column-distilled. The vodka will be available in four flavours: Blond, Bitter Lemon, Raspberry and Ginger and contains no added sugars or aromas.

To create the flavoured varieties only natural, organic ingredients are used. They are added during a maceration process before the vodka is filtered and “mark a departure from synthetically flavoured spirits.”

“As a company we believe in three things: true flavours, sustainable business and braveness, and that’s how we produce our vodkas. We’re excited to be launching in the UK at a time when venues and customers alike are looking for something authentic and honest, something we always strive to be. We only say yes to the real deal and no to stuff created in laboratories,” said Virtuous Vodka founder Claes Stenmark.

Virtuous Vodka is now available in top venues, including: Dandylyan, the Ace Hotel, Barbecoa, Oskars at Dabbous, Bourne & Hollingsworth and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. It can be bought online from the Whisky Exchange.

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