Thomas & Evans No.1

  • WHAT: Thomas & Evans No.1
  • WHO: WiseHead Productions backed by Britvic
  • WHERE: Harvey Nichols
  • HOW MUCH: £3.95

WiseHead Productions, a business backed by Britvic, has launched a new premium soft drink, named Thomas & Evans No.1, to satisfy the tastes of people looking for flavoursome non-alcoholic options. 

T&E No.1, which is gently sparkling, is a blend of over 20 ingredients including silver birch charcoal filtered green fruit juices, steam-distilled botanicals and includes aromas of elderflower, apple, citrus peel and oak tincture.

The story behind T&E No.1 stems from its namesakes Mr William Thomas and Mr William Evans who were business partners in the 1880s and were inspired by the temperance movement to create non alcoholic alternative drinks for bars.

T&E No.1 gains its sweetness naturally from the fruit extracts used and contains 99 calories per 330ml bottle or just 53 calories per 175ml glass. It is available to buy from Harvey Nichols and premium venues in London.


Drinks Maven