Welcome to Drinks Maven


Welcome to Drinks Maven

Drinks Maven will initially update you about new drinks launches and where to buy them. Then, in time, there will be more. Much more.

Why Drinks Maven exists

For the drinks, hospitality and going out industry, the relevant, the interesting and the great have become at risk of being buried by the mediocre.

There needs to exist a place where the criteria for a drink to feature is that it is, simply, a worthy exchange of your time.

This means it will be delectable for your palate, or it will be interesting enough for you to try – just for curiosity’s sake. Either way, if it is on Drinks Maven it is well worth seeking out.

We owe it to our tastebuds to take a more participatory role. Drinks are not just for hydration, they exist for all sorts of reasons – one of which is enjoyment.


The internet has changed the way we search for things and, as such, SEO and analytics now decide what gets our attention. Sadly, discernment does not always prevail amidst a sea of clickbait and paid for content. Combined with this, the growth in self-appointed experts and commentators has begun to dilute the quality of what we read and also where we seek advice.

Remember the days we would read to be informed, enlightened and entertained? Well, at Drinks Maven this is extremely important to us.

Soon, we will unveil our team of Drinks Maven Connoisseurs – a credible selection of experienced drinks experts who will help guide you towards some of the best drinks available across the UK.

Until then, stay tuned and note the latest launches already finding their way onto the site. Please seek them out and try them. After all, this is a journey we are taking together. It is a huge privilege to be shining a spotlight on a selection of the best drinks around.

That’s all for now. The entirety of what Drinks Maven can offer will follow soon enough.

Drinks Maven