Newby Teas Silken Pyramids

Newby Teas
  • WHAT: Silken Pyramids
  • WHO: Newby Teas of London
  • WHERE: Waitrose or via Newby Teas of London
  • HOW MUCH: £5.85 – £6.95


Luxury tea company Newby Teas of London has launched Silken Pyramids – a collection of Autumnal teas, perfect for warming up during the colder seasons.
Newby’s tea expert and general manager of creative & marketing, Gwen Hustwit, said: “Autumn teas don’t have to be loaded with milk and sugar to warm you as the summer months draw to a close. Our luxury Silken Pyramids are individually sealed in multi-layer foil sachets to preserve our teas’ delightful flavours, making them the perfect, healthier option for discerning customers who opt for tea at its finest, while steering clear of the milk and sugar that is needed to mask the bitter taste of leaf-dust tea bags.”
The teas available include: Ginger & Lemon, Earl Grey, Jasmine Princess and Masala Chai. The teas will be available at Waitrose or online (link above) for £5.85. Jasmine Princess will be priced at £6.95.
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