Cucumber Gin

Cucumber Gin
  • WHAT: Cucumber Gin
  • WHO: The English Drinks Company
  • WHERE: Selected bars and off licences and via The English Drinks Company
  • HOW MUCH: £35.00 for a 70cl bottle £5.95 for a 5cl bottle
The English Drinks Company has launched Cucumber Gin – a smooth aromatic gin with a subtle cucumber infusion.
The 40% ABV gin, which is handcrafted and copper-distilled, is made from 100% British grain and will be available in 70cl bottles in selected bars and off-licences.
Graham Carr-Smith, founder of The English Drinks Company, explained how he “set out to deliver an authentic cucumber gin rather than merely a gin flavoured with cucumber,” and described Cucumber Gin as “a premium product with a delicate yet pronounced flavour.”
According to Carr-Smith, The English Drinks Company will use “only premium ingredients and employ a traditional method of infusion using copper pots,” to create the gin.
“We’re uncompromising in our approach, which is something we know that our discerning target market will appreciate,” he added, hinting that “Cucumber Gin is perfect when enjoyed neat over ice or in a delectable G&T.”
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